Fake Video Player Upgrader Sites/Utilities:

 Take care when clicking links to videos which are outside the typical video sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu, etc. The external sites usually pop up fake messages asking you to upgrade your video player or media player. This is the #1 way malware and viruses get installed onto your computer. These fake upgrade sites usually get into friends Facebook pages through the same manner of them clicking on the very same video links, that’s why these seem to propagate throughout the network quickly and rapidly. Always look for the name of the company in the link you are clicking to upgrade you software. When in doubt go directly to the website of the product you would like to update. For instance, if you want to safely upgrade your flash player you would go to If you happen to click a link and you do not know what to click, I recommend closing the browser using the X in the corner of your browser window. If that does not work turn the computer off using the start button (be sure to save your work before closing). Good luck and safe computing!  Get free Antivirus protection by using Microsoft Security Essentials, it is available here:  

Friday Fest w/ LIVE Music

We are having a monthly Friday Fest Live showcase. Up first is the AudioBotz with DJ Ozmosys opening up for them 9/1/17!!!